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Big Baby Forum

Welcome to the Big Baby Forum, a place for everyone to discuss and share their experiences whilst working on the Big Baby Trial.

We hope this is a helpful area for Midwives working on the trial around the country to discuss how things are ran at different sites and allow you to share any hints/tips you have or ask any questions.

Please feel free to start new topics and and reply to current topics.


    7 posts, started by Ryan Griffin, 19:35, Thu 28 Mar 2019, latest post by Ryan Griffin, 15:36, Tue 5 Nov 2019


    1 post, started by Lauren Ewington, 12:51, Tue 11 Jun 2019


    5 posts, started by Ryan Griffin, 15:36, Tue 2 Apr 2019, latest post by A guest user, 09:08, Thu 11 Apr 2019

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