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CT/MRI Scans


What follows are the links to an online CT/MRI form that needs to be completed by participating sites.

(Before selecting and completing a specific form, please read the instructions given below):




Downloads for Radiology Procedures for CT/MRI Scans

Procedure for Sending CT-MRI Scans - This SOP describes the pathway and procedures to be followed by participating hospitals when sending CT/MRI scans to Bristol for the 2nd reading.

CT/MRI Scan Posting Notification Form

Participating sites should use the CT/MRI Scan Posting Notification Form once a CT and/or MRI scan has been posted to the core lab at Bristol in order to notify the Trial Co-ordinator that scan/s have been sent. Please complete a separate form for each patient.


Address for Sending CT/MRI Scans

CT/MRI Scans must be posted to Dr Julian Kabala at Bristol for their 2nd reading, address shown below:


Dr Julian Kabala
Head of Division for Diagnostics and Therapies
United Bristol Hospitals trust
Bristol Royal Infirmary
Marlborough Street
Tel 0117 342 3854


Courier Details

When posting scans, please use either Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, Streetwise Couriers, or CitySprint Couriers. Details below:


Mr Clever
Streetwise Couriers
2 Collins Road
Heathcote Industrial Estate
Warwick CV34 6TD
0845 234 1424 (Phone)
01926 435 383 (Fax)
Account Code: W2309
CitySprint Couriers
Ground Floor RedCentral
60 High Street
Surrey RH1 1SH
0131 453 1800 (Phone)
0131 339 7942 (Fax)
Account Number: M40017