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Clinical and Cost-effectiveness of Chronic Migraine Drugs

Hospital ward

Key information


What is the comparative clinical and cost-effectiveness of pharmacological treatments for adults with chronic migraine?

Chief Investigator: Dr Hema Mistry


National institute for Health Research – Health Technology Assessment

Registration Number: HTA NIHR132803


Migraine affects 15% of UK adults, most commonly young adults with work and family commitments. Chronic migraine is a profoundly disabling condition and affects 2-4% of the UK adult population and is defined as headaches on 15 days or more a month with features of migraine on at least eight of those days. Our overall aim is to produce evidence needed for people with chronic migraines and their doctors to make more informed decisions about prophylactic treatment of chronic migraine.


Our research objectives seek to determine:

  1. What is the comparative effectiveness of prophylactic drugs for chronic migraine?
  2. What are the comparative incidences of adverse events of prophylactic drugs used for migraine?
  3. What is known about the cost-effectiveness of prophylactic drugs for chronic migraine?
  4. Which prophylactic drugs for the management of chronic migraine are the most cost-effective?
  5. Based on our findings what should the research recommendations be?


1st September 2021 to 28th February 2023

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