Discharged/Withdrawn participants and on-going follow up qustionnaires
Some participants from various regions have reported that they have been told by their therapists that because they are being discharged from exercise or because they are withdrawing from treatment that they no longer have to complete any questionnaires or falls diaries that we send out to them as part of our follow up data collection. This is incorrect unless a participant tells you that they wish to withdraw from completing any more follow up questionnaires. So just a reminder that participants receive an initial questionnaire at baseline, then follow up questionnaires at 4, 8, 12 and 18th months post randomisation (which will occur sometime before you see them), plus at some point during the 18 months they will also be asked to complete 4 months’ worth of falls diaries. If possible, when you are discharging participants after their 6 month intervention with you, can you please encourage them to continue to complete any further questionnaires or falls diaries that they receive from us here at the University. Or if they wish to withdraw from treatment only, they will still receive questionnaires from us unless they specifically tell us that.