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Support For The Trial

The need for a trial to answer if the Intravenous (IV) or Intraosseous (IO) route is more effective to treat out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients is supported by some of the leading organisations involved in cardiac care and resuscitation.

" Resuscitation Council UK is the national expert organisation in resuscitation and is responsible for producing the NICE accredited clinical practice guidelines which inform NHS resuscitation practice.

Resuscitation Council UK is fully supportive of PARAMEDIC3. The current Resuscitation Council UK Guidelines and the UK Ambulance Services Clinical Practice Guidelines include the recommendations that adrenaline is given routinely every 3 - 5 minutes during the management of cardiac arrest. It is important we continue the work to investigate the effectiveness and safety of this.

Resuscitation Council UK supports the need for a randomised, controlled trial of intravenous versus intraosseous administration of adrenaline in adults sustaining out-of-hospital cardiac arrest".

Dr James Cant, Chief Executive Officer, Resuscitation Council UK

"We fully support this research towards ensuring patients in cardiac arrest have the best chance of a good outcome and to answer an important question about the use of adrenaline. We are pleased that many of our clinicians will be involved in the trial and wish it every success".

Dr Fenella Wrigley, Chair of National Ambulance Medical Directors group (NASMeD) Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE).

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Please direct all enquiries for the PARAMEDIC-3 trial team.

Telephone: 07385029213

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