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RECOVERY-RS Trial Supplies

UCL-Ventura CPAP Devices

Sites in the RECOVERY-RS trial will have access to the UCL-Ventura CPAP devices purchased for use within the NHS.

If your site requires these CPAP devices, please provide the RECOVERY RS trial team ( with the following information;

  • A contact name and address for these devices to be sent to
  • The make of PEEP valves your site uses (e.g. Intersurgical/Armstrong)
  • Site capacity – how many CPAP devices could you use at one time. All hospitals must work with their O2 engineering teams and ascertain their VIE outflow and downstream flows and pressures to specific ward areas before deploying these devices.

Once your site is open to recruitment the trial team will forward your contact details to UCL distribution for the devices to be shipped to you.

How many CPAP devices can our site have?

The initial delivery will include 10 devices. We currently anticipate supplying up to a further 40 throughout the trial.

If you require more than 50 devices, please request them through the NHS allocation process via your territory lead (please contact if you need further information).

How to order more devices through the trial

If after receiving the initial delivery of 10 devices you require more, please contact the RECOVERY-RS team ( with the number required (up to 40).

How to order CPAP device consumables for resupply

CPAP device consumable resupplies can be ordered via the following web portal:

Instructions for this process are included in the CPAP Resupply PDF document on this page.

You will need login details to access the resupply web portal above. Please email with the Subject: CPAP Consumable re-supply requesting login in details. The UCL team will then responded with login details.

Please note UCL will be updating this to enable you to create your own accounts directly on the webpage.

What’s included for each CPAP device and what is the guidance for use?

Your site will receive;

  • 1 flow generator
  • 1 oxygen analyser
  • 1 disposable patient circuit including.

Full information about the setup, maintenance, use and clinical guidance are available in CPAP Manual and Clinical Guidance PDF documents. These documents are also available via the link below, alongside a training video and evaluation data:

This link includes a PDF download on healthy volunteer test data, which includes the expected flows/ FiO2 levels.

The patient circuit has been optimised to reduce oxygen consumption, so should not be changed or adapted. The patient circuit can be resupplied in orders of 3 per CPAP device – for more information, contact

Will other sizes of peep valves be provided or can we use our own?

Due to limited supply of peep valves it is currently only possible to include 10cm valves. Other sizes (5cm, 7.5cm, 12.5cm, 15cm) will be available as soon as possible.

The UCL-Ventura CPAP devices being supplied are compatible with Armstrong and Intersurgical brands of valves so you can use these if needed. If you need adaptors, please contact with the number required.

Variable valves have a very small flow area which causes a large pressure loss, meaning that more oxygen flow is required to overcome this loss. They are therefore far less efficient in terms of oxygen consumption and we do not recommend their use.

Is a second flow indicator available?

The second flow indicator is now available, and will be supplied with resupply of consumables. The clinical guidance document provides instructions including when this indicator isn’t available;

Is there any training available in using these CPAP devices?

A training video and instructions for use can be found on the UCL website;

If you have any questions about using the UCL-Ventura CPAP device please refer to the UCL website for latest information and how to contact them.

Is there a cost to our site for these devices?

No there is no cost to sites, the Department of Health and Social Care is covering the cost so that these devices can be provided to the NHS.

How does our site provide feedback on using the CPAP and the trial?

Please provide any feedback to the RECOVERY RS team ( Responses will be fed back to the UCL-Ventura team.

Can the devices be used for non-trial patients?

These devices are being prioritised for sites primarily to enable participation in the RECOVERY-RS trial. These devices are being supplied to ensure sites are always in a position to recruit participants and are not hampered by equipment supply. Use of these devices outside of the trial is at the discretion of local trust policy.