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REGAIN Study: Rehabilitation exercise and psychological support after COVID-19 infection

Thank you for visiting the REGAIN study website. The study has now finished recruiting participants.

You may like to visit the NHS website which focuses on supporting your recovery after COVID-19.

The following video describes how the yourcovidrecovery website can support you in recovering from the long terms effects of COVID-19:

The REGAIN study aims to find out which of two treatments is better for helping people recover after being in hospital with COVID-19

About the REGAIN study:

People recovering from COVID-19 often feel weak, breathless and tired. Some people are also worried and frightened. For most people, these problems will get better on their own, but for some people, they may continue for a long time after leaving hospital.

For people who are still struggling months after being ill with COVID-19, we want to find out which of two treatments is better for helping people recover:

    • A single online session of exercise advice and support


      • An 8 week online exercise and support programme








      Patient in hospital bed wearing face mask


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      For any enquiries please contact the REGAIN team on
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