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Links for Health Professionals

1. Physiotherapy Manual  

2. Protocol Flowchart  

3. Constant Score Manual  

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Study Summary

START:REACTS is a participant and assesor blinded, multi-centre RCT comparing arthroscopic debridement with the InSpace balloon to arthroscopic debridement alone for people with an irreparable rotator cuff tear.

This pivotal new trial will be an adaptive design, its sample size will vary according to the outcomes of the interim analysis. This is proposed to be the first trial in a new programme of research aimed at improving the assessment of new surgical procedures.

The primary outcome will be the Constant score, which will be recorded at baseline, 3, 6 and 12 months.



Contact our study team:

Trial Manager: Elke Gemperle-Mannion

Tel: +44 (0)2476 968629