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Under review

Anstey Watkins, J., Wagner, F, Gómez-Olivé, X, Sankoh, O, Wertheim, H and Kinsman, J. Rural South African community perceptions of antibiotic access and use: a qualitative approach. (Submitted to American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene – Feb 2018). (ABACUS study with Wits/Umea).

Papers In Progress

Odendaal W.A., Anstey Watkins, J., Goudge J., Griffiths F., Tomlinson M., Leon N., and Daniels K. (2017). Healthcare workers’ perceptions and experience on using mHealth technologies to deliver primary healthcare services. Cochrane systematic review. Further review info:

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Anstey Watkins, J., Goudge, J., Gómez-Olivé, X. and Griffiths, F. The case of South Africa’s mHealth policy development and implementation (SAHR).

Reviewer for:

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