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Patricia Eyden-Wood

I am second year PhD student based in Warwick Medical School. My research is based on men's health and inequalities.

Project title:
Social distribution of cardiovascular risk factors in men and men's experiences of masculinity, risk and health: using firefighters as an example.

Project Overview:

The study will utilise a mixed methods approach. In-depth interviews were used to investigate the risks and behaviours associated with men’s employment as firefighters that impact their health. Underpinning the qualitative interviews is Connell’s concept of hegemonic masculinity, which was used as a framework to analyse the data. Due to findings within the accounts of firefighters, a quantitative method will now be used to examine trends in the social distribution of cardiovascular risk factors - a theme that was well discussed in the interviews.

Research interests: men’s health, epidemiology, health and the environment

Dr Alan Dolan and Dr Wolfgang Markham

This project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council

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