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Curriculum Vitae




I have over five years’ experience working within research and a background in physiotherapy. I am pro-active and highly adaptable, managing multiple projects simultaneously, with an enthusiasm for exploration to achieve end goals. With strong interpersonal skills, I thrive when working within a team and independently, producing exceptional results. I am energetic, highly motivated and determined to become a leading health sciences researcher. My career ambition is to produce pioneering research of exceptional quality, to lead entrepreneurial teams and to make a real difference to health and health care internationally.

My career and personal development so far has demonstrated the capacity to:

• Drive, develop and complete high quality research.
• Yield external grant income through high quality applications (grant income: £146,864).
• Excel when working independently and as part of a team.
• Demonstrate the real-world impact of research.

For a copy of my Curricula Vitae, please email me at: