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Seedcorn Access

As part of our funding, we are providing 480 days free use of our analytical science facilities to UK postgraduate students, the intent of which is to foster new collaborations (i.e. no previous joint publications) and new research opportunities (new methods of using techniques and multidisciplinary approaches).

Upon successful application, users will be able to carry out short investigations of up to three days per facility whilst also benefiting from the expertise of our RTProfs during, and after the experiments have been carried out.

Applicants must first contact the relevant facility manager(s) to discuss the feasibility of their investigation, before submitting a one page scientific justification outlining the specific aims of the project, why it is required, an estimate of the time needed, and what the impact of the investigation will be. After submission, the case will be reviewed by the directors of the facility in question.

If your application is successful, you will be invited to Warwick to carry out the measurements (where appropriate), but you will also be welcome to send the samples to us for analysis. We also have funding available to cover transportation and accommodation costs if you'd like to visit Warwick.

To apply, please first read the guidance page as there are certain restrictions, and then fill out the form here.

Please also see the testimonials and case studies below:

Case Studies


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