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Warwick Analytical Science Centre

Warwick Analytical Science Centre


Warwick has world leading facilities offering Analytical Science across a broad range of areas.

Seedcorn Access

As as a result of our recent funding award, we are offering 480 days of seedcorn use of the analytical science instrumentation (AS-I) at Warwick for PhD students. Please follow the link for more information, and to apply.

Research Technical Professionals (RTProfs)

We are focussing on the development of our Research Technical Professionals (RTProfs).

WASC People

Meet our Principal Investigator, Co-Investigators, Research Technology Professionals and Management Committee.


We are working to develop hands-on and online training programmes, provided by our network of RTProfs. Please contact us for more information.

Study Analytical Sciences

Warwick Analytical Sciences currently offers two options of postgraduate study.


WASC has recently been awarded £1m (EP/V007688/1) to expand the access to Warwick's analytical equipment infrastructure, with a particular focus towards supporting research and postgraduate training and, concurrently, expanding multi-disciplinary collaboration and end-user engagement.

External Partners

A list of our external partners