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2010 Circular and Linear Dichroism Workshop

The Analytical Sciences Workshop in Circular and Linear Dichroism spectroscopies is planned for 30th November-3rd December, 2010 at Warwick University. This includes the UK CD User Group Meeting on Friday December 3rd.

This event will be an opportunity for PhD students and young researchers to engage with experienced researchers from a number of UK universities and a selection of international experts.

The course aim is to bring together a wide range of researchers and encourage an environment where participants are able to benefit from the planned activities and have the opportunity to network with other researchers and discuss their work.

The course is organised by Professor Alison Rodger (Warwick); Professor Bonnie Wallace (Birkbeck); Dr. Sharon Kelly (Glasgow); Dr. Bob Janes (Queen Mary)

ONLY 20 PLACES ARE AVAILABLE FOR THE FULL COURSE (including all practical sessions). ADDITIONAL LIMITED PLACES ARE AVAILABLE FOR LECTURES ONLY. MORE PLACES ARE AVAILABLE FOR The International Circular Dichroism and Bioinformatics Conference
(and EU/UK Annual CD Meeting) ON 3RD DECEMBER 2010.

MOAC DTC, top floor Coventry House

Please prepare an A1 poster outlining your research interests for the Workshop and come prepared to give a 3 minute introduction to you and your research (with or without slides)