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WASC Facilities and Expertise

Analytical sciences at Warwick is spread across the Science and Medicine Faculties. Our research and equipment is diverse and our researchers often work in a number of different application areas and with a range of equipment. Analytical Science is an enabling discipline. A special feature of Warwick's analytical science is the integration of experiment and theory. This page is an attempt to present some of our research by the dominant instrumentation that is employed. Its structure is related to that in the Analytical Capability Guide and departmental pages including Chemistry, Physics, Life Sciences, Warwick Medical School, and Engineering. The theoretical aspects of WASC are particularly strong in Statistics but also link to Mathematics, Centre for Scientific Computing and Systems Biology.

More information on facilities and experts in a range of techniques are accessible below, but we encourage the use of the Analytical Capability Guide .





Waters G2 Mass Spectrometer





Spectroscopy (not NMR)

Statistical Methods for

Analytical Sciences