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Development of an exchange–correlation functional with uncertainty quantification capabilities for density functional theory

Manuel Aldegunde, James R. Kermode, and Nicholas Zabaras, J. Comput. Phys. 311, 173-195, doi:10.1016/

This paper presents the development of a new exchange–correlation functional from the point of view of machine learning. Using atomization energies of solids and small molecules, we train a linear model for the exchange enhancement factor using a Bayesian approach which allows for the quantification of uncertainties in the predictions. A relevance vector machine is used to automatically select the most relevant terms of the model. We then test this model on atomization energies and also on bulk properties. The average model provides a mean absolute error of only 0.116 eV for the test points of the G2/97 set but a larger 0.314 eV for the test solids. In terms of bulk properties, the prediction for transition metals and monovalent semiconductors has a very low test error. However, as expected, predictions for types of materials not represented in the training set such as ionic solids show much larger errors.

Tue 16 Feb 2016, 09:32 | Tags: nzabaras, maldegunde, jrkermode