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Learning Points

The following are a sample of the learning points drawn from the module exercises.

Positive Points

Areas for Improvement

Kept calm


Good introduction of the task

Inspired well

Better time management


Become more confident

Clarity of direction

Good listener

A good co-ordinator

Willing to change views

Encouraged healthy debate

Organisation (provide more structure)

Better briefing of the problem

Delegate more work

More expressive about my concerns

Open to suggestions but maintained authority

Prepared to compromise

Sought solutions that would work for all

Valued everyone's opinion

Initiate and maintain structure in the meeting

Not being too forceful/aggressive

Introduce the problem at the start

More sensitive to group members' feelings

Maintained authority

Asked for everyone's opinion

Good listener

Passionate about the task

Seeking to understand

Constructive challenging

Delegation of work

Willing to change decision

Ensure active involvement of all team members

Motivation in difficult situations

Try not to show the pressure

Give more information

More consistency in time management

Adapting for team members

Create structure using visual aids


Created good atmosphere

Calm - no panick

Open to suggestions

Really supportive - particularly when things not going well

Create a structure for the task

More active communication

Improve motivation

Ensure involvement of everyone

Willing to listen

Made all information available to the team

Collaborative spirit

Effectively delegating

Spend more time understanding the task

Identify skills and strengths of team members

Better time management

Attention to detail