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Learning Points

The following are a sample of the learning points drawn from the module exercises.

Positive Points

Areas for Improvement

Created a good group spirit
Effective decision making
Giving the vision
A little more authoritative
Time management
Be more competitive
Providing guidance
Listen to people and get solutions from them
Friendly manner
Time management
Focussed and decisive
Communication (don't assume, check)
Be more trusting
Be a good listener
Take a slower pace
Very democratic
Taking decisions
Allocation of tasks based on skills
Effective listening
Time management
Clarifying issues before making decisions
Had control
Managed the exercise
Be more calm
Create a more calm atmosphere
Time management
Involve quiet people
Become more autocratic
Become more assertive
Decisions better thought through
Think about presence
Involve and support everyone
Trust team mambers' competencies
On top of the task
Co-operative - getting everyone involved
Develop confidence
Calm down
Ensure everyone involved at all times
Decision-making when no consensus
Very supportive of team members
Good listener
Made it fun
Delegated with trust
Provide greater clarity on the problem
Reduce stress on myself
Brief the members better
Picking the right time to interrupt team activities