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Project Charter

A charter is an agreement between the leadership team and the project team about what is expected in the project.


A charter should include:


 Problem Statement Describes the current situation and the problems or challenges that customers (internal and external) experience.
 Opportunity Statement Describes the market opportunity that the new product/service/process would address and the potential financial opportunity to which it could lead.
 Importance Why this project now!
 Expectations/Deliverables  Define what needs to be designed, but does not specifically describe the product, process, or service which is yet to be developed.
 Scope  Define the boundaries of the project.
 Schedule Provide details of the timing of actions, milestones, deliverables and reviews as well as the start date and end date.
 Team Resources Identifies team members and technical experts describing roles and responsibilities on the project.
 Business case Financial justification for the project.