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Positive Family Connections

Positive Family Connections is a new online group programme for family carers of a child with a learning disability, autism or both, aged between 8-13. The programme is funded by Cerebra and has been co-produced with family carers.

Positive Family Connections aims to enhance positive relationships within families as we know that these relationships are key to the wellbeing of the whole family. The programme acknowledges that families look different for everyone and may be formed through birth, affinity (i.e. marriage) or choice. Our relationships with those closest to us are key and that is no different when there is a disabled family member.

The 6-week online programme, facilitated by two trained family carers, involves taught content, group activities and a chance for family carers to share their experiences and learn from one another.

Although we recognise the many challenges families face, Positive Family Connections adopts a positive approach towards disability and aims to challenge the negative narrative that exists in society more broadly.

To work out whether Positive Family Connections helps families, we need to conduct a large trial of the intervention. However, before we can do this we are doing a smaller study, called a feasibility study, to work out whether a larger trial is possible and how we can best run this.

We are currently recruiting family carers to take part in Positive Family Connections groups. If you would like further information, please contact our PhD student Daniel Sutherland for more details: