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PhD Students

CEDAR has established a unique Education and Psychology MPhil/PhD programme. The first PhD students began in 2014. We are interested in hearing from people who are thinking of pursuing a PhD in areas of CEDAR’s expertise:

  • Intellectual disability, autism, developmental disabilities
  • Children and/or adults with developmental disabilities and/or special educational needs
  • Families or carers of people with intellectual disabilities, autism, developmental disabilities, special educational needs
  • Early intervention
  • Children at risk of adverse developmental outcomes because of behaviour problems or communication difficulties
  • Service delivery and development for the above, e.g. reconfiguring services
  • Ethical dilemmas of professionals

We have expertise in mixed methods; evaluation methods; secondary data analyses of big data.

If you are interested in doing a PhD with us, please contact CEDAR staff directly, or Kylie Gray, CEDAR's Director of Graduate Studies, for an informal chat.