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Who we are

Current members

Liz Ablett, Early Career Research Fellow, Institute of Advanced Studies/Sociology

Deborah Dean, Associate Professor, Warwick Business School

Manuela Galetto, Associate Professor, Warwick Business School

Emily Henderson, Associate Professor, Education Studies

Lynne Pettinger, Associate Professor, Sociology

Kate Purcell, Professor, Institute for Employment Research

Shirin Rai, Professor, Politics and International Studies

Ann Stewart, Professor, School of Law


    CREW members come from departments across the Faculty of Social Sciences, including:
    Centre for the Study of Women and Gender (CSWG)

    Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (CIM)

    Institute for Employment Research (IER)

    School of Law

    Politics and International Studies (PAIS)


    WBS, Industrial Relations Reserach Unit (IRRU)