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Tue 6 Jun, '23 - Thu 8 Jun, '23
10am - 5pm
Economics PhD Conference

Runs from Tuesday, June 06 to Thursday, June 08.

Our three day conference organised by Warwick Economics PhD students will bring together international PhD research from across the globe.

The 11th annual Warwick Economics PhD Conference will be hosted on the University campus this year. Our three-day conference organised by Warwick Economics PhD students brings together PhD research from across the globe.

Date: 6-8 June 2023
Location: University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom

This is a student-led conference organised annually by PhD students at the Warwick Economics Department, supported and attended by the Warwick Economics Department and members of the faculty.

Call for Papers
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Application Form
The Application has now closed. We will soon be in touch with you.

About the PhD Conference

Find out more about how the PhD conference first began.

Previous Years

Learn more about previous conferences.

Conference Programme

Please access the programme here


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Our Campus is in Coventry, a city that lies at the very heart of England and is easy to get to by road, rail and air.


Tue 6 Jun, '23
Applied Economics, Econometrics & Public Policy (CAGE) Seminar - Nina Roussille (MIT)

Title: Bidding for Talent: A Test of Conduct on a High-Wage Labor Market

Abstract: We propose a novel procedure for adjudicating between models of firm wage-setting conduct. Using data on workers' choice sets and decisions over real jobs from a U.S. job search platform, we first estimate workers' rankings over firms' non-wage amenities. We document three key findings: 1) On average, workers are willing to accept 12.3% lower salaries for a 1-S.D. improvement in amenities. 2) Between-worker preference dispersion is equally large, indicating that preferences are not well-described by a single ranking. 3) Augmenting differentials prevail. Following the modern IO literature, we then use those estimates to formulate a test of conduct based on exclusion restrictions. Oligopsonistic models incorporating strategic interactions between firms and tailoring of wage offers to workers' outside options are rejected in favor of simpler monopsonistic models featuring near-uniform markdowns. Misspecification has meaningful consequences: while our preferred model predicts average markdowns of 18%, others predict average markdowns of 26% (about 50% larger).

Fri 9 Jun, '23 - Sat 10 Jun, '23
10am - 5pm
Warwick Economic Theory Workshop

Runs from Friday, June 09 to Saturday, June 10.

The annual Economic Theory Workshop has been hosted by the Department of Economics at The University of Warwick for the last 11 years and is recognised as one of the top workshops in the world.

Date: Friday 9 – Saturday 10 June 2023
Location: Scarman House, University of Warwick

It provides the opportunity for leading Economic theorists to engage and discuss the latest ideas in economic theory and to foster collaborative research projects.

This event is open to Faculty members and MRes/PhD students from the Department of Economics.

Academic Lead: Professor Bhaskar Dutta

Friday 10 June




Laura Doval (Columbia Business School)
Purchase History and Product Personalization


Scarman Lounge


Elliot Lipnowski (Columbia)
Buying from a Group


Deniz Kattwinkel (UCL)
Optimal Decision Mechanisms for Juries: Acquitting the Guilty

Scarman Restaurant


Stephen Morris (MIT)
The Strategic Topology on Information Structures


Ludovic Renou (Queen Mary)
Comparison of Experiments in discounted problems


Scarman Lounge
16:30-17:30 Ran Spiegler (Tel Aviv and UCL)
Behavioral Causal Inference
17:30-18:30 Marina Halac (Yale)
Pricing for Coordination
19:30 Drinks and Dinner
Scarman Courtyard Restaurant (Please register))

Saturday 11 June


Balasz Szentes (LSE)
Flexible Moral Hazard Problems


Scarman Lounge


Annie Liang (Northwestern)
The Transfer Performance of Economic Models


Alexander Frankel ( Chicago Booth School of Business)
Test-optimal Admissions


Scarman Restaurant


Yu Fu Wong (Columbia)
Dynamic Monitoring Design


Ian Ball (MIT)
Should the timing of inspections be predictable?


To book a place for this event, please complete the registration form. Places are limited so early booking is recommended and the registration form will close once this event has reached full capacity.

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Tue 13 Jun, '23 - Thu 15 Jun, '23
2pm - 12:30pm
Bristol-Warwick Empirical IO workshop & masterclass

Runs from Tuesday, June 13 to Thursday, June 15.

Dates: Tuesday 13 June - Thursday 15 June 2023
Organisers: Alessandro Iaria (University of Bristol) and Ao Wang (University of Warwick)
Location: Scarman Conference Centre, University of Warwick

13th June (Masterclass & reception)

Masterclass: Empirical Industrial Organization and Finance by Alessandro Gavazza (LSE)

Session 1: 14:00-16:00

Break: 16.00 - 16.30
Session 2: 16.30 - 18.30 ((with 10 mins’ break after 55mins)

Welcome reception & dinner (by invitation): from 19.00

14th June (Workshop)

Session 1: 9.30 - 11.00

Estimating Discrete Games with Many Firms and Many Decisions: An Application to Merger and Product Variety by Ying Fan (Michigan), joint with Chenyu Yang (Maryland)
Self-preferencing, Quality Provision, and Welfare in Mobile Application Markets by Xuan Teng (LMU)

 Break: 11.00-11.30
 Session 2: 11.30 – 13.00

Refinancing Cross-Subsidies in the Mortgage Market by Alessandro Gavazza (LSE), joint with Jack Fisher (LSE), Lu Liu (U. of Pennsylvania, Wharton), Tarun Ramadorai (Imperial College Business Schoo) and Jagdish Tripathy (Bank of England)
Bank Branching Strategies in the 1997 Thai Financial Crisis and Local Access to Credit by Christoph Walsh (Tilburg), joint with Marc Rysman and Robert M. Townsend.

Lunch 13.00 - 14.30
Session 3: 14.30 – 16.00

Insider and outsider careers in executive management by Robert Miller (CMU Tepper), joint with Andrea Flores, George-Levi Gayle and Limor Golan.
Customers as buffer, by Andrea Pozzi (EIEF) joint with Massimiliano Affinito (Bank of Italy), Marco Di Maggio (HBS), Luigi Guiso (EIEF) and Fadi Hassan (Bank of Italy).

A walk to Kenilworth Castle & dinner in Kenilworth afterwards (invitation only)

15th June (Workshop)

Session 4: 9.00 - 10.30

Search Frictions and Product Design in the Municipal Bond Market by Giulia Brancaccio (NYU Stern), joint with Karam Kang (CMU)
London Sorting: London Sorting: a BLP model of location choice of heterogeneous workers in London by Lars Nesheim (UCL)

Break: 10.30 - 11.00
Session 5: 11.00 - 12.30

Influencer Cartels by Marit Hinnosaar (Nottingham), joint with Toomas Hinnosaar.

What can Greek islands teach us about pass-through and competition? by Christos Genakos (Cambridge Judge).

Lunch: from 12.30


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