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Your Student Experience

Our EPP departments are based right in the heart of Warwick’s campus, in the Social Sciences Faculty and Humanities building, next to the Library and Arts Centre.
You can chat about your study and socialise with your coursemates in our shared Common Room with free hot drinks. WiFi is free campus-wide and there’s a range of restaurants, cafes, shops and meeting places.


EPP students have the opportunity to participate in over 250 societies and an excellent range of other exciting extracurricular opportunities. You could be teaching politics in schools, volunteering for pro-bono legal work, debating philosophical concepts or learning a language, and so much more.

Departmental Activities

There are also a wide range of departmental events and activities, for example:

Economics Question Time

The Economics department hosts the annual Economics Question Time; an event with the aim to give students as well as staff the opportunity to watch exciting panellists discuss a range of issues.

Pharos, the Warwick Philosophy Magazine

Pharos is an undergraduate philosophy magazine founded in 2016, run by undergraduates for undergraduates. From Continental to Analytic, Chrysippus to Kant to Kierkegaard to Kamm, Pharos aims to provide a forum for philosophical commentary and analysis that caters to a broad range of interests that extend beyond lectures and seminars.

Be Part of Our Research Community

We offer lots of opportunities to get practical experience during your degree. You can secure financial support for your own research through the Warwick Undergraduate Research Support Scheme to carry out a project of your choosing during your summer holidays. If you are successful, you’ll get research funds and skills development training to help complete your project. You’ll carry out, write up and present research supervised by an academic member of staff.

There are lots of opportunities to publish your writing, opinions or research. You could write an article for Re-Invention, the online, peer-reviewed journal co-edited by Warwick and Monash University, Australia. Many of our students also publish or edit in our student-run newspapers and magazines like Warwick Globalist, Lacuna Magazine, Obiter Dicta or The Boar, writing on topics like world politics, human rights, domestic affairs, and campus life.

Career Options

EPP student

Warwick has the highest number of student societies of any UK university, so it is easy to join something that you find interesting. I joined the Warwick Handball Club, for which I was Social Executive for a year.

I have also attended many society events, the most remarkable being the Warwick Economic Summit, the Warwick Africa Summit and Warwick Congress."


BA PPL Graduate


There’s a Meet the Psychologist series where psychologists come in from their fields, like advertising,
forensic psychology and clinical psychology. They talk about what they do, we ask questions and
we are able to network with them after.“


BSc Psychology Graduate