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What is EPP?

Studying Economics, Psychology and Philosophy (EPP) offers a unique opportunity to study at the intersection of three interconnected subjects.

If you have a keen interest in economics but also want to consider issues from a psychological and philosophical angle the EPP course could be for you. The current attention that this interdisciplinary field of research, particularly the area of Behavioural Science and Behavioural Economics, receives across academia, government and the private sector also makes it an excellent preparation for a wide range of careers within local government, public health, media, charities and NGOs, marketing and finance.

ECONOMICS impacts key considerations in everyday as well as political decisionmaking: How do interest rates influence consumer behaviour? When does raising taxes on certain goods result in people adopting healthier lifestyles? Why do states do so little about climate change? In economics, you will develop your understanding of economic models to explain and predict economic behaviour and impact, and acquire data analysis skills to measure economic activity.

PSYCHOLOGY provides scientifically rigorous insights into why people think, feel and act the way they do. It has the potential not only to help us understand our own behaviour, but to comprehend the decisions and behaviours of others, aid those who are more vulnerable, and change the world for the better. In psychology, you will gain an understanding of the psychological foundations of all aspects of human behaviour and the research methods used to study them scientifically.

PHILOSOPHY questions the principles and values underlying individual and collective decision-making. What does human well-being consist of? When are states justified in limiting the freedom of their citizens? What is it for a person to act rationally? In philosophy, you will learn about different approaches to these fundamental questions, and acquire the critical thinking skills that enable you to form your own position and debate it with others.

Why study EPP at Warwick?


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