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Sascha O. Becker

Professor Becker's research in this area has included an analysis of who voted for Brexit (with Dr Fetzer and Dr Novy) and whether migration causes extreme voting (with Dr. Fetzer). He has provided advice to HM Treasury on considerations for domestic regional policy after Brexit and has spoken in Brussels on the future of the EU budget.

Thiemo Fetzer

Dr Fetzer has worked on an analysis of who voted for Brexit (with Professor Becker and Dr Novy) and considered the rise of UKIP in a paper entited 'Does Migration Cause Extreme Voting?' (with Professor Becker).

Abhinay Muthoo

Professor Muthoo is working on a number of short briefings analysing the varied aspects of the Brexit negotiations.

Dennis Novy

Dr Novy has conducted analysis of who voted for Brexit (with Professor Becker and Dr Fetzer) and has presented his analysis to economists and civil servants at HM Treasury. Dr Novy also works on international trade and is a former adviser to the House of Lords on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Vera Troeger

Professor Troeger works on monetary and fiscal policies and has applied her research to the issues of Brexit at a number of events in London and Brussels.