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View the latest news from departments within the Faculty of Social Sciences below.

Centre for Applied Linguistics

Number 2 for Linguistics in the Times and Sunday Times 2020 League Table

Staff and students are celebrating as it was announced that we have been ranked 2 amongst UK Linguistics Departments in the Times and Sunday Times 2020 University League Table. Our new ranking puts the department just behind Oxford in this nationally recognised league table.

Thu 26 Sep 2019, 15:42

Centre for Education Studies

Dr Rachel King's Story Garden entertained, challenged and moved residents in Canley

Dr Rachel Turner-King and a team of volunteers organised a pop-up Story Garden in Canley Community Centre, with four themed areas of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter representing different aspects of learning. She said:-

“We were thrilled with the turn-out. My aim was to welcome the public into a transformed space that brought the outdoors indoors! I also wanted to create a space that felt inviting, enchanting and beautiful.

“In the Summer garden we invited visitors to co-create stories by finding curious treasures hidden amongst the tree-trunks and branches and using these objects as prompts for creative writing. One young boy found some old keys, some shells and a spoon. We co-created a story about a prisoner who was washed up on a shore and had found 5 magic shells that would help him unlock the secret library in the castle. It was really impressive how quickly he took to storytelling in this way.

“I feel like we can really take this idea of a transportable Pop Up Story Garden to other venues around the city and it’s something we want to develop in the near future.”

Wed 20 Nov 2019, 09:39 | Tags: Events, rachel king, Faculty of Social Sciences, FSS, Society Strand


Education and Psychology Research Active Staff Network (EPRAN) 2019/20 Seminar Programme

The Education and Psychology Research Active Staff Network (EPRAN) has prepared an exciting and varied calendar of events for the 2019/20 academic year including seminars from colleagues from across the university, and external colleagues from UCL and the University of Exeter.

Briefly, the topics of the seminars will be:

16th October 2019 (1.30-3pm): Research and practice in education settings, including pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

20th November 2019 (12.30-2pm): Psychological outcomes and interventions for adults with autism and/or intellectual disabilities

4th March 2020 (12.30-2pm): Transitions from primary to secondary school for children with Down syndrome and Williams syndrome

29th April 2020 (12.30-2pm): A contemporary approach to educational policy making for pupils with SEND

10th June 2020 (12.30-2pm): Research involving fathers

More information about all five seminars can be found here and further information about the seminars (including abstracts) will be uploaded to the website as soon as it becomes available.

EPRAN is a network for research active staff and post-graduate research students at the University of Warwick to share research findings related to education and psychology. We also aim to promote inter-departmental and external networking and research collaborations.

Tue 17 Sep 2019, 16:18 | Tags: Faculty of Social Sciences

Centre for Professional Education

Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies

Opportunities and Limits of Experimental Social Science

Professor David Stark (CIM) and Professor Nick Chater (WBS) Event

Mon 16 May 2016, 09:59 | Tags: interdisciplinary social science news-item-1 stark

Centre for Lifelong Learning

CLL Director Dr Anne Hollinshead returns to Myanmar for 20th time!

In October, Dr Anne Hollinshead returned to Myanmar for the 20th time in 8 years. This is part of on-going knowledge transfer and consultancy work focusing on promoting inclusive practice with focus on disability and special needs. Anne works in partnership with a National Association of Myanmar experts ( MSEA) to collaborate with the Myanmar government, Myanmar Universities, NGO’s such as Unesco, Unicef and the British Council.


Wed 06 Nov 2019, 15:02 | Tags: conference talk Warwick University engagement Events


Uncertainty and the financial markets explored by Warwick faculty at Bank of England conference supported by Rebuilding Macroeconomics

Warwick researchers will play a key role in this major two-day conference - New Approaches for Modelling Expectations in Economics - which will take place on 2 and 3 December 2019 at the Bank of England.

  • Researchers from Warwick Economics and Warwick Business School are among the speakers taking part in a major policy conference organized in partnership with the Bank of England and Rebuilding Macroeconomics
  • New Approaches for Modelling Expectations in Economics is the third conference in a successful series organized by Professor Roger Farmer of Warwick Economics and the Bank of England.
  • This year the conference is also supported by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded research network, Rebuilding Macroeconomics.
  • The conference aims to foster the exchange of ideas between academics and the policy community on the themes of uncertainty and the financial markets.

The conference is organised by Roger Farmer, Professor of Economics at Warwick University, in partnership with the Bank of England and the ESRC funded network, Rebuilding Macroeconomics.

The conference will bring together international researchers from around the globe to discuss whether, and how, economists and policymakers can replace the notion of ‘rational economic man’ with theoretical and empirical models that recognize its limitations.

Sydney Ludvigson, Julius Silver, Roslyn S. Silver, and Enid Silver Winslow Professor of Economics at New York University, and Laura Veldkamp, Professor of Finance at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business, will deliver the keynote speeches.

The contributions from Warwick researchers include:-

  • Nick Chater, Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School, will be discussing his recent work on the patterns which can be observed in financial markets. The Macroeconomics of the Sampling Brain project uses thinking from experimental psychology and the natural sciences to explore possible links between ‘noisy brains’ and ‘noisy markets.’ Professor Chater’s work is funded by Rebuilding Macroeconomics.
  • Dr Christopher Roth, Assistant Professor of Economics, will be presenting a paper on Subjective Models of the Macroeconomy: Evidence from experts and a Representative Sample.” In this project Dr Roth is investigating how people think about the macroeconomy and comparing their beliefs about the functioning of the economy to models that experts have in mind, as well as to actual predictions of economic models.
  • Dr Christine Braun, Assistant Professor of Economics, will be leading one of the discussion sessions.
  • Two papers co-authored by Professor Farmer will also be presented. Some international Evidence for Keynesian Economics without the Phillips Curve, presented by coauthor Giovanni Nicolò of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, offers an alternative conceptual apparatus to understand the connection between inflation and unemployment. We Can’t Always Agree, co-authored with Jean-Philippe Bouchaud of Rebuilding Macroeconomics presents progress on modelling radical uncertainty, in a simple model of the financial markets.

Professor Farmer said: “The aftermath of the financial crisis lingers a decade after the Great Recession was declared over, and Brexit - according to many commentators - is causing low investment and slow productivity growth in the UK.

“These twin events have cast a shadow over mainstream models of the macroeconomy in which rational forward-looking agents make calculations to maximize utility in an uncertain, but predictable, environment.”

“This conference addresses the problems with mainstream models head on. Our two keynote speakers are thought leaders in the area of uncertainty and financial markets. Both are engaged in cutting edge research that addresses ways of incorporating more sophisticated models of expectations into macroeconomics.”

“The partnership between Warwick and Rebuilding Macroeconomics has allowed us to showcase the frontier research carried out by Warwick faculty and to provide a platform to disseminate the pathbreaking research emerging from the Rebuilding Macroeconomics Network”.

“By holding this conference at the Bank of England, we hope to foster the exchange of ideas between academics and the policy community at a time when policy makers are seeking ways to design policies to prevent the next financial crisis and researchers are seeking feedback from policy makers about the usefulness of their ideas.”


Keynote speakers:

Sydney Ludvigson is the is Julius Silver, Roslyn S. Silver, and Enid Silver Winslow Professor of Economics at New York University, Chair of the NYU economics department, and a Co-Director of the National Bureau of Economic Research Asset Pricing Program. Her research centers on the interplay between asset markets and macroeconomic activity, with recent applications to the pricing and risk premia of stock, bond, and housing markets, the role of heterogeneity and wealth inequality in housing and stock market valuations, and the dynamic causal effects of uncertainty for business cycle fluctuations.

Laura Veldkamp is a Professor of Finance at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business and a co-editor of the Journal of Economic Theory. She is a faculty research fellow for the National Bureau of Economic Research and the Centre for Economic and Policy Research, and the author of the textbook, Information Choice in Macroeconomics and Finance (Princeton University Press). Professor Veldkamp’s research focuses on how individuals, investors and firms get their information, how that information affects the decisions they make, and how those decisions affect the macroeconomy and asset prices. Her recent work examines how people form beliefs about tail risk and how learning about tails, or disasters, can explain persistent low interest rates, volatile equity prices and secular stagnation.

About Rebuilding Macroeconomics: Rebuilding Macroeconomics (RM) is a research initiative funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (grant reference ES/R00787X/1). It is run out of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) at its offices in Westminster.

RM aims to transform macroeconomics back into a useful and policy-relevant social science, asking fundamental questions about macroeconomics in the ‘real world’ and encouraging rigorous, innovative and interdisciplinary research. Its research is centred around six Research Hubs, each addressing a particular macroeconomic question.


Sheila Kiggins

Media Relations Manager

University of Warwick Faculty of Social Science

02476 150423 07876 218166

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ESRC Doctoral Training Centre

ESRC IAA Innovation Fellowship - Deadline 14 Oct

The University of Warwick ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) is pleased to invite applications for its first Postdoctoral Innovation Fellowship.

Warwick is one of 26 UK universities receiving funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) for an Impact Acceleration Account (IAA), which supports engagement activities with non-academic stakeholders such as policymakers, NGOs, businesses and public beneficiaries to enable the conversion of established research into impact.

As part of this programme, the ESRC IAA will fund four fellowships (one per academic year) to support students towards the end of their PhD to think about how their research could be applied to the needs and challenges of organisations across different sectors, and to develop proposals to put this into practice.

The Fellowship will be awarded for up to three months or part-time equivalent. Projects can commence any time from 14 October 2019, but must be complete by 31 March 2020.


This opportunity is open to applicants who will have submitted their PhD thesis for examination before their proposed Fellowship start date (the Fellowship can commence whilst awaiting viva) OR who will be within one year of having been awarded their PhD at the proposed start date. The PhD must be in a social science discipline and have been undertaken at the University of Warwick.

Those with a full-time, permanent, academic post are not eligible to apply.

For further information and details on how to apply please visit:

Tue 24 Sep 2019, 17:00

Institute for Employment Research

LMI for All team meets Studiekeuze123

SAB and Studiekeuze123

As part of a knowledge exchange and sharing good practice, Sally-Anne Barnes, as part of the LMI for All team, met with the Stichting Studiekeuze123 team from the Netherlands.

Studiekeuze123 had just won three #LovieAwards for their website, which is the official Dutch platform to support students in their study orientation and choices.

Sally-Anne and the Studiekeuze123 team had a great morning talking about careers LMI, course and occupational mappings and widgets! The LMI for All team look forward to future opportunities to work together.

Mon 25 Nov 2019, 09:58 | Tags: LMI for all


GLOBE releases new briefing note from Stephen Connelly

The Centre for Law, Regulation and Governance of the Global Economy (GLOBE) today released their first Briefing Note on ‘Registering Security at UK Companies House’.

The note supports Jubilee Debt Campaign’s push for public registration of bank loans to states, by showing how the existing UK regime for registration of company debentures works and could form the basis for a system of loan registration.

Thu 05 Dec 2019, 15:11 | Tags: GLOBE Centre, Publication, Staff in action

Politics and International Studies

PAIS once again ranked 1st in The Times/Sunday Times Good University Guide

We are delighted to announce that the Department of Politics and International Studies (PAIS) is ranked 1st of 84 UK Politics departments in The Times/The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020. This influential national league table reflects latest data, including student satisfaction (NSS), research excellence, and graduate prospects.

The University of Warwick is ranked 10th overall.

Professor Nick Vaughan-Williams, Head of PAIS, commented:

“Students and staff in PAIS will be justifiably proud that, for the second year in a row, the Department has been ranked 1st among UK Politics Departments in The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020. This wonderful result underscores that our twinned commitment to viewing students as partners in our education strategy and as beneficiaries of our long-standing research excellence is a winning formula for sustained success. With a renewed focus in 19/20 on employability, internationalisation, widening participation, and equality and diversity – featuring initiatives to deepen our EU partnerships, further liberate the curriculum, and enhance the student voice – this latest league table success is a terrific start to the new academic year. Over the coming weeks my colleagues and I look forward to welcoming all new and returning students to the Department and to driving forward these agendas together.”

Dr Justin Greaves, Director of Student Experience and Progression, commented:

“This outstanding result is testament to all the brilliant students and staff in PAIS. This league table shows how we are a leader, both within the Russell Group and the sector as a whole, in terms of student experience and teaching quality. It is particularly pleasing to see our results have increased yet further in these categories. I look forward to working with all our incoming and returning students to ensure that the PAIS department goes from strength to strength, combining intellectual stretch and rigour with the highest possible levels of academic support.”

We thank all staff and students who have contributed to this outstanding achievement. With a number of exciting and ambitious plans for the 2019/20 academic year and beyond, we look forward to sustaining and building on these successes in the months and years ahead.

Mon 23 Sep 2019, 11:52 | Tags: Front Staff PhD MA UG Faculty of Social Sciences


New Appointment and UKRI Fellowship Success - Dr Richard Moore

We are delighted to announce that Dr Richard Moore will be joining the Warwick Philosophy Department on a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship.

The prestigious UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships are awarded to top researchers in the UK. They provide full funding for a maximum period of seven years. Richard's project will utilise the tools of philosophy, linguistics, and psychology to formulate a new account of the developmental relationship between 'mind reading' and communication. Commenting on this exciting area of research, Richard Moore says: "Mind reading, involving the use of a 'theory of mind' (ToM) is the ability to attribute mental states to others to predict and explain their behaviour. Humans are better at this than other species, but the origins of uniquely human forms of ToM are disputed".

Richard will take up his Fellowship and move to the University of Warwick early in 2020.

Mon 25 Nov 2019, 16:23 | Tags: Home Page, Research


'Student Voice' Ambassadors

Are you interested in developing your skills, enhancing the student experience, and being paid in the process?

The Department of Sociology is currently inviting applications from finalist students for a number of 'Student Voice' Ambassador roles. Ambassadors will act as an interface between students and staff, feeding back both ways. The role will include, for example, inputting into departmental discussions on teaching policy and curriculum change.

If you are interested in this role, please send your CV and a supporting statement (of up to 350 words) outlining why you feel you would make a good 'Student Voice' Ambassador to the department’s Director of Student Experience, Dr Andre Celtel (

The closing date for applications is 2 pm on Thursday 03 October 2019.

Mon 23 Sep 2019, 12:25 | Tags: Undergraduate Postgraduate Students job opportunity