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Heike Behle

Dr Behle’s research interests include transitions to the labour market and intra-European employment mobility. Recent projects have looked at the transferability of skills and knowledge within the European Higher Education Area, and the European mobility of UK educated graduates.

Alan Neal

Professor Neal is a specialist in European, International & Comparative Employment Law. He has recently taken on the role of Chief Editor for the employment section of the Wolters Kluwer Brexit website and information services, which includes commissioning academic research in the field of employment law and related areas.

Chris Warhurst

Professor Warhurst’s main research interests focus on the labour market and labour process developments, trends and issues. He is developing a series of briefings on the implications of Brexit on migration and skills, employment rights and regulation, unemployment and job loss/creation.

Ania Zbyszewska

Dr Zbyszewska’s work considers labour and employment law and their relationship with other areas of social and economic policy, primarily within the EU context. She is interested in the effect Brexit will have on work regulation and workers’ rights, and is developing a Brexit policy briefing series on the subject.