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Post Editorial ESLJ 2012

Volume 11 of the ESLJ provided a great example of the eclectic nature of material that we receive and were delighted to publish. Coverage included a historical take on the censorship of film, concentrating on the role of local councils in the north west of England, a study on celebrity defendants in the USA and work on both player transfers in association football and character merchandising of fictional characters.

In addition we also published our first piece focussed on South America, something very pertinent this year with World Cup 2014 taking place, looking at the law relating to sports fans in Brazil. We are really pleased with the breadth of material we publish, and this continues the broad nature and coverage we have sought to disseminate since the very first issue. We do, however, still want more new ideas and submissions for Volume 12 and beyond. We are always keen for new approaches and new ideas, and encourage submissions which look at how the law intersects upon areas of popular culture from a variety of perspectives and standpoints. To that end please feel free to submit something to us, or contact us if you would like to discuss a particular idea. We also intend to carry on with our iterative publishing policy, see details of this from the Editorial to Volume 10, and also are happy to discuss ideas for special issues, multimedia approaches or anything else that help push forward the boundaries of this dynamic area. Please feel free to get in touch with any of us.

Steve Greenfield

Mark James

Guy Osborn