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ESLJ Volume 4 Number 1 Reviews

We are always interested in receiving reviews on any relevant book, play, film, exhibition or conference that is linked to the subject of Entertainment and Sports Law. If you are interested in reviewing any of the following books, or if you have a review that you would like us to consider for publication, or if you would like to receive a review copy of a specific book, please contact Dr Mark James, on

Gigs – Jazz and the Cabaret Laws in New York City, 2nd edition (2005) Paul Chevigny.

A Virtue Less Cloistered – Courts, Speech and Constitutions, (2002) Ian Cram.

Sports Law, 3rd edition (2005) Simon Gardiner, Mark James, John O’Leary and Roger Welch.

Readings in Law and Popular Culture, (2005) edited by Steve Greenfield and Guy Osborn.

The Changing Face of the Football Business: Supporters Direct, (2001) edited by Sean Hamil, Jonathan Michie, Christine Oughton and Steven Warby.

The Graffiti Subculture – Youth, Masculinity and Identity in London and New York, (2001) Nancy Macdonald.

International Protection of Performers’ Rights, (2002) Owen Morgan.