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JILT - Submission Standards


General Information Articles for this publication should normally be 3-8,000 words in length. Authors may submit paper copies but electronic copies are preferred either by regular mail or electronic mail.

Abstracts and Keywords

Please include a brief abstract of your article of roughly 250 words. All selected articles will appear with the abstract included.

A list of keywords should also be included.

Links to External Sources

The journal team will provide hypertext mark-up for articles. However, contributors may, if they wish, insert their own hypertext links including cross references to other materials on the World Wide Web using their URL (Uniform Resource Locator) addresses. These links should not be placed in footnotes rather within the body of the article in brackets after the words that are to be linked to them. All links should also appear in a Links section that should appear after the References section.

This Links section may be sub divided into Materials, Organisations and People.


In order to keep footnotes to a minimum references to sources should where possible appear in the body of the article following social science conventions.

Where an article/author is quoted directly e.g Smith and Jones (1996) argue ...., the year of publication alone should appear in parentheses.

If an article/author is referenced indirectly e.g. Many sources indicate this is not true (Carter J, 1996, p.5) the surname, then the year of publication and and the page reference if it relates to a specific part of the text should appear in parentheses.

If there is more than one reference to work by the same author in the same year, the references should be distinguished by adding the suffix 'a', 'b', 'c' etc. to the year of publication e.g. (Smith, Y, 1995a, pp.5-7).

A full citation of all references should appear in the bibliography according to the form below:

1. Books

Smith, D (1988), The Information Society (London: Polity Press).

Smith, D (1987a), 'The Information Society and Public Policy' in Gregory, F (ed) Information Technology: The public issues (Manchester: Manchester University Press).

Smith, D (1987b), Law and Information (London: Polity Press).

2. Journal Articles

Davies D (1995) 'Law and the Internet', Computer Law and Practice 110.

3. Conference Proceedings

Bruce, T (1995), 'Legal Information, Open Models, and Current Practice', Montreal Conference on Crown Copyright in Cyberspace, May 1995, <>.

4. Multiple Authors

Smith, D and Blanc, R (1988), The Information Society (London: Polity Press).

Smith, D, Blanc, R and Floyd, K (1995), The Information Society (London: Polity Press).

5. Cases and Page Numbers Within Cases

Lloyd's Bank p.l.c. v. Rosset [1988] 3 W.L.R. 1301 at 1303.

6. Statutes

Data Protection Act 1984, s.10.

The abbreviation 's' should be used only following the title of an Act or in parentheses; otherwise 'section' should be written in full. In both cases the 's' is lower case unless it begins a sentence.

7. Links to URLs

When quoting a URL within an article it should appear between a less-than sign and a greater-than sign e.g. <>.

Format of Articles

Headings should appear as follows

Title of Article

1. Main Heading

1.1 Sub Heading

1.1.1 Sub-Sub Heading

Headings below the sub-subheading level are discouraged. If absolutely necessary they should appear in italics without any numbering.

Footnotes should be numbered consecutively and appear as endnotes at the end of an article.


Publishing for the web is slightly different than publishing on paper and gaps between words or sentences look quite noticeable online. Therefore only one space (rather than the conventional two spaces as with a word document) is required between the end of one sentence and the start of another.

Single rather than double quotation marks should be used.

Spelling should comply with British, not American forms, e.g. -ise, not ize, as in nationalise.

Numbers one to twelve and per cent to be spelt out.

Submission of Articles
Paper Copies

For paper copies, please ensure that as printed, the article is easily readable. It should have a title and abstract (see above) as well as a list of keywords. If you submit a paper copy and it is accepted for publication you will be asked to supply a digitalised copy.

Please send paper copies to:

Production Editor
The Journal of Information, Law and Technology
Electronic Law Journals Project
The Law School
University of Warwick
Coventry, UK. CV4 7AL

Digital Copies

Digital copies can be in the form of either disks sent through normal mail to the address above or by attachment to email to the Editor -

Submissions are accepted in one of the following standards - Microsoft Word (all versions but preferably version 6.0), ASCII text, Rich Text Format and HTML (version 2.0 or higher).

The journal team will assist contributors with special features such as graphics, graphic images, and diagrams. Authors' own prepared graphic images in standard formats are welcome.