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Call for Papers and Contributions

The 25th Annual Conference of the
British & Irish Law, Education & and Technology Association
Sunday, 28 – Tuesday 30 March 2010
Vienna, Austria 
Organised by:
Vienna University Faculty of Law
Centre for Legal Informatics
Jointly with
OCG Austrian Computer Society
WZRI Vienna Centre for Legal Informatics


Conference outline

The focus of the 2010 annual conference will be on

Globalisation, Internet and the Law

Cyberspace, globalisation, global civil society and governance remain in the focus of interest, in particular in times of an economic crisis. 2010 is not only the magic year for the European knowledge society (Lisbon target) but may see the birth of an International Organisation deriving its authority from the global civil society. “Electronic life” becomes a reality. Questions of data protection and intellectual property determine more and more our life.

This year’s annual conference focuses on the ways in which law and technology can contribute to a better legal system in the era of globalisation. Law Schools have to contribute to this ongoing evolution in order to maintain efficient rule of law in the knowledge society.


Proposals are welcome for abstracts and expressions of interest to convene a stream in any of the following areas:


  • E-learning and legal education

Technology in the law school

  • Search technologies
  • Document production
  • E-discovery
  • Knowledge systems and legal ontologies
  • Virtual worlds / SNS

ICT law

  • Intellectual property – including copyright, open source etc.
  • Privacy and data-protection
  • Intellectual property law
  • Cybercrime – including criminological aspects
  • E-commerce
  • E-government
  • E-justice
  • E-democracy

Globalisation and governance

  • Globalisation
  • ICANN and Internet governance

Legal theory and education

  • Legal theory and critical perspectives
  • Legal semiotics

There will be a prize-winning competition for the best Postgraduate Student Paper presented at the conference.

Please upload abstracts of approx 500 words in MS Word or PDF via our conference programme MyReview or send an e-mail to Prof. DDr. Erich Schweighofer as soon as possible.

Early submissions and suggestions for streams (including convenors) are welcome.

Deadline for early submissions: 31 October 2009.
Deadline for late submissions: 15 January 2010.

Full papers accepted and presented at the conference will be put forward for peer-review or special editions of journals in the areas of law, technology and education(in particular: JILT/EJLT

The OCG Austrian Society of Computers and Law is considering to produce printed conference proceedings.

The accepted papers will be published with 15 December 2009 (early submissions) respectively 31 January 2010 (late submissions).


General Chair

Dr. Burkhard SCHAFER, University of Edinburgh

Prof. Dr. AbdulHusein PALIWALA, University of Warwick

Sefton BLOXHAM, University of Cumbria


Prof. DDr. Erich SCHWEIGHOFER (chair)

Mag. Anton GEIST (assistance)

Local Organisation

General Secretary Eugen MÜHLWENZL

Mag. Anton GEIST (assistance)


Stream organisers (status; will be enlarged)

Prof. Dr. Jon BING, University of Oslo (NO): internet governance

Dr. Colette R. BRUNSCHWIG, University of Zurich (CH): visualisation

Prof. Dr. Fernando GALINDO, University of Zaragoza (ES): liaison - SubTech Conference, July 2010, Zaragoza

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang KLEINWÄCHTER, University of Aarhus (DK): internet governance

Head of Unit Dr. Waltraud KOTSCHY, Federal Chancellery (AT): data protection

Lecturer and Director Franz KUMMER, Weblaw, Bern (CH): search technologies

Head of Unit Mag. Peter KUSTOR, Federal Chancellery, Vienna (AT): e-government

Prof. Dr. Friedrich LACHMAYER, University of Innsbruck (AT): legal semiotics

Prof. Dr. Philip LEITH, Queen's University of Belfast (UK): intellectual property

Dr. Thomas MENZEL, Federal Ministry for Education, Art and Culture, Vienna (AT): e-learning

Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerald QUIRCHMAYR, University of Vienna (AT): knowledge systems

Lecturer Judith RAUHOFER, University of Central Lancashire, Preston (UK): data protection

Docent Mag. iur. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Michael SONNTAG, University of Linz (AT): e-learning

Prof. Dr. Andreas WIEBE, University of Göttingen (DE): intellectual property

Director Dr. Arthur WINTER, Federal Ministry for Finance (AT): e-government

Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian STADLER, University of Vienna (AT): e-learning


Early submissions: 31 October 2009.

Late submissions: 15 January 2010.

Notification of acceptance: 15 November 2009 (early submissions); 31 January 2010 (late submissions)

Conference language

The conference language will be English.

Conference fees

Full fee: EUR 250,- (GBP 223)

Reduced fee: EUR 200,- (GBP 178 )

(for authors, BILETA and OCG members, PC members)

Student fee: EUR 100,– (GBP 89)

One day only: EUR 150,- (GBP 134)

The conference fee does not include accommodation.