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List of Articles in LGD

Please note that the full contents for each issue is displayed when clicking on the Issue number on the Homepage. There is also a comprehensive search facilitywhich allows the user to search on article type, subject or author or more specific word searches within LGD.

However, we reproduce here for convenience, a list of articles that have appeared in LGD over all issues in alphabetical order of author name and year.


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, Obijifor (2003), The Nineteenth Century Colonial Fingerprints on Public Health Diplomacy: A Postcolonial View, Refereed article, Issue 2003 (1).

Appiagyei-Atua, Kwadwo (2002), Nominal Democracy for Development in Africa: A Workable Concept ? Commentary, Issue 2002 (1).

Avakian, Sarkaris (2002), Racial Disparity Among the Incacerated, Commentary, Issue 2002 (1).

, Amy (2002), Development of an International Right-to-Know: Towards Public Disclosure of Multi-national Corporations, Refereed article, Issue 2002 (1).

Bowring, Bill (2002), Forbidden Relations ? The UK's Discourse of Human Rights and the Struggle for Social Justice, Refereed article, Issue 2002 (1).

, Modhurima (2002), Social Action for Women ? Public Interest Litigation in India's Supreme Court, Refereed article, Issue 2002 (1).

, Ian (2003),Writing in the Postcolonial: Postcolonial Legal Scholarship, Refereed article, Issue
2003 (1).

, Julieta (2001), Domestic Violence in Andean Communities of Peru, Refereed article, Issue 2001 (1).

, Julio (2000), Legal Reform in Developing and Transition Countries - Making Haste Slowly
Article as tribute to Lawrence Tshuma, Issue
2000 (1)

Fernandes, Desmond and Saldanha, Leo (2000), Deep Politics, Liberalisation and Corruption: The Mangalore Power Corporation Controversy, Commentary, Issue 2000 (1)

Findlay, Isobel (2003), Working for Postcolonial Legal Studies: Working with Indigenous Humanities, Refereed article, Issue 2003 (1).

Fitzpatrick, Peter (2001), Law of Enduring Freedom, Commentary, Issue 2001 (2).

, Peter (2000), Globalisation and the Humanity of Rights
Refereed article, Issue
2000 (1)

, Chien Yen (2003), Kicking Away the Ladder: Development Strategies in Historical Perpectives by Ha-Joon Chang, Book review, Issue 2003 (1)

, Jill (2000), Different Priorities: Child Rights and Globalisation, Refereed article, Issue 2000 (1)

Grossman, Andrew (2001), Gender and National Inclusion, Refereed article, Issue 2001 (1).

, Patrick (2003), Valorising the Virtual Citizen: The Sacrificial Grounds of Postcolonial Scholarship in Ireland, Book review, Issue 2003 (1)

, Mark (2003), Mythologising 'Recollections of Squatting in Victoria': Law's Intersection with Colonial Memory, Refereed article, Issue 2000 (1)

Harris, Douglas C (2000), Laws of the Postcolonial, Eve Darian-Smith and Peter Fitzpatrick (Eds)
Book review, Issue
2000 (1)

Hellum, Anne (2001), Towards a Human Rights Based Development Approach: The Case of Women in the Water Reform Process in Zimbabwe
Refereed article, Issue
2001 (1).

, Issa (2001), The Life and Time of Babu: The Age of Revolution and Liberation
Refereed article, Issue
2001 (2).

, Jayan (2003), Thinking the 'Impossible': Peoples Law, Commentary, Issue 2003 (1)

Nayar, Jayan (2001), A People's Tribunal Against the Crime of Silence? - The Politics of Judgement and an Agenda for People's Law, Refereed article, Issue 2001 (2)

Jayasimha, Shreyas (2001), Victor's Justice, Crime of Silence and the Burden of Listening: Judgement of the Tokyo Tribunal 1948, Women's International War Crimes Tribunal 2000 and Beyond
Commentary, Issue
2001 (1).

, Sitharamam (2001), Building Civil Society and Direct Funding of Southern NGOs: A Review of Recent Literature, Commentary, Issue 2001 (1)

Kakarala, Sitharamam (2001), Enslaved Daughters: Colonialism, Law and Women's Rights, by Sudhir Chandra, Book review, Issue 2001 (2)

Kakarala, Sitharamam (2001), Autonomy and Ethnicity: Negotiating Competing Claims in Multi-ethnic States, Yash Ghai, Ed, Book review, Issue 2001 (2)

Katalikawe, James W R (2001), Freedom of Association: The Case For and Against the Referendum on Political Systems in Uganda, Refereed article, Issue 2001 (1)

Kunbor,Ben (2001), Epistolary Jurisdiction of the Indian Courts and Fundamental Human Rights in Ghana's 1992 Constitution: Some Jurisprudential Lessons
Refereed article, Issue
2001 (2)

Kyambi, Sarah (2001), Refugees, Race and the Legal Concept of Asylum in Britain, by Prakash A. Shah, Book review, Issue 2001 (1).

, Helen and Shah, Shilu (2001), Researching Sensitive Topics: Investigations of the Sexual Abuse of Women in Uganda and Girls in Tanzania, Commentary, Issue 2001 (1)

Lissu, Tundu (2000), Policy and Legal Issues on Wildlife Management in Tanzania's Pastoral Lands: The Case Study of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Refereed article, Issue 2000 (1)

Lissu, Tundu (2001), In Gold We Trust: The Political Economy of Law, Human Rights and Environment in Tanzania's Mining Industry, Work in progress, Issue 2001 (2).

Luoga, F D AM (2002), Taxation in the Advent of Democratisation and Transition to Free Market Economy in Tanzania and Concerns on the Rule of Law and Human Rights, Refereed article, Issue 2002 (1)

, Amanda, Molenaar, Hilke and Pennartz , Peter (2000), The IRENE Report 2000. Controlling Corporate Wrongs: The Liability of Multinational Corporations.Legal Possibilities, Initiatives and Strategies for Civil Societ,y Report, Issue 2000 (1)

Magaisa, Alex Twanda (2002), Corporate Groups and Victims of Corporate Tort - Towards a New Architecture of Corporate Law in a Dynamic Marketplace, Commentary, Issue 2002 (1)

Magaisa, Alex Twanda (2001), Suing Multinational Corporate Groups for Torts in Wake of the Lubbe Case, Commentary, Issue 2001 (2)

Mawani, Renisa (2003), The Island of the Unclean: Race, Colonialism and 'Chinese Leprosy' in British Columbia, 1891 - 1924,Refereed article, Issue 2001 (2)

Muller-Hoff, Claudia (2001), Representations of Refugee Women – Legal Discourse in Europe
Refereed article, Issue
2001 (1)

Muller-Hoff, Claudia (2001), Legal Services to the Displaced Population of Colombia - An Evaluation with a Different Gender Perspective, Commentary, Issue 2001 (1).

, Manish (2001), Editorial, Editorial, Issue 2001 (2)

Narrain, Arvind (2001), Human Rights and Sexual Minorities: Local and Global Contexts
Refereed article, Issue
2001 (2)

Narrain, Avrind, Liang, Lawrence, John, Mathew and Malhotra, Namita (2001), Alternative Lawyering in India (Alternative Law Forum - ALF), Conference report, Issue 2001 (2).

, Beatrice and Patel, Reena (2001), Editorial - Special Edition: Gender, Justice and Development, Editorial, Issue 2001 (1).

, Abdul (2003), Irresolutions of Modernity, Law, Nation and Empire, Commentary, Issue 2003 (1)

Paliwala, Abdul (2000), Privatisation in Developing Countries: The Governance Issue
Refereed article published in tribute to Lawrence Tshuma, Issue
2000 (1)

Paliwala, Abdul (2000), Editorial - Launch of a New Electronic Journal, Editorial, Issue 2000 (1)

Patel, Reena (2002), Gender and the Political Economy of Development: From Nationalism to Globalization by Shirin M Rai, Book review, Issue 2002 (1)

Perry, Amanda (2001), Lawyers in Urban Development: Providing a Means to an End?
Refereed article, Issue
2001 (2)

Permanent Peoples' Tribunal on Global Corporations and Human Wrongs, The University of Warwick, Coventry, UK, 22nd – 25th March, 2000, Findings and Recommended Action
Report, Issue
2001 (1).

Picciotto, Sol (1999), Lessons of the MAI: Towards a New Regulatory Framework for International Investment, Commentary, Issue 2000 (1)

Pue, W Wesley (2003), Editorial, Editorial, Issue 2003 (1)

, Shirin M (2001), Gender and Globalisation and Women's Activism: Critical Engagements
Refereed article, Issue
2001 (1).

Sardar Ali
, Shaheen (2002), Reforming the Health Sector in the NWFP: A Nostalgic View From Afar, Commentary, Issue 2002 (1)

Sardar Ali
, Shaheen (2002), The 'Brass Tacks' of Institution-Based Private Practice: Myths and Reality, Commentary, Issue
2002 (1)

Sardar Ali
, Shaheen (2002), Who 'Writes' the Budget: A 'Close-Up' of the Politics of 'Development' Projcts: Implications for Health Care Delivery, Democracy and Good Governance Towards a Human Rights Based Development Approach, Commentary, Issue
2002 (1)

, Issa (2003), Law's Empire and Empire's Lawlessness: Beyond the Anglo-American Law , Commentary, Issue
2003 (1)

Smith, Julie (2003), Internationally Binding Legislation and Litigation for the Enforcement of Laboru Rights, Report, Issue 2002 (1)

Stewart, Ann (2001), Judicial Attitudes to Gender Justice in India:The Contribution of Judicial Training, Refereed article, Issue 2001 (1).

, Lawrence (1999), Hierarchies and Government versus Networks and Governance: Competing Regulatory Paradigms in Global Economic Regulation
Refereed article, Issue
2000 (1).

van der Walt
, Johan (2003), Blixen's Difference: Horizontal Application of Fundamental Rights and the Resistance to Neocolonialism, Refereed article, Issue 2003 (1).

, Grace Li Xiu (2003), Canada's Forgotten Founders: The Modern Significance of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Application for Membership in the League of Nations, Refereed article, Issue2003 (1).

, Mauro (2001), 'Rechtsstaat': Just What is Being Exported by Swedish Development Organisations? Refereed article, Issue 2001 (2).

Zekos, Georgias I (2002), Cyberspace and Globalization, Commentary, Issue 2002 (1).