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School of Law Criminal Justice Centre


About Us

The Criminal Justice Centre is home to an exciting and internationally renowned group of criminal justice scholars, whose expertise spans a wide variety of areas, including comparative criminal justice, criminology, criminal law theory and practice, criminalisation, the criminal process, policing, border criminologies, international criminal law, transitional and restorative justice, the sociology and the philosophy of punishment, and prisons research. The Centre's members are socially and critically engaged, and are keen to hear from members of the local community, as well as media and national and international organisations. A list of members, with links to their profiles and descriptions of their expertise, can be found in the CJC's Community page.

Research at the CJC is inherently interdisciplinary. Although hosted at the School of Law, the Centre has members from many other departments in the University of Warwick, including Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Politics and International Studies, French Studies, and the Warwick Business School.

The main purpose of the CJC is to foster research and collaboration among its members. Every year, it holds a series of events; besides its regular seminar series, the Centre also organises workshops, conferences, and a range of impact and public engagement activities. It also hosts leading scholars and early-career researchers through its visitors' programme, and organises events for its vibrant PhD community.

The CJC's current co-directors are Dr Ana Aliverti and Dr Henrique Carvalho. The Centre's administrator is Cherisse Francis.

Latest News

Expert Report on COVID-19 and the Criminal Law

Two members of the Criminal Justice Centre Henrique Carvalho and Anastasia Chamberlen recently worked with colleagues from Brunel University London, University of Oxford and University of York on an expert report on COVID-19 and the criminal law which was submitted to the Parliamentary Justice Commi…

Call for Papers: Global Borderlands Conference, 16-18 September 2021

Crimmigration has rapidly become the dominant response to human mobility around the globe. It has emerged, ironically, in tandem with growing economic globalization. For capital, national borders have virtually disappeared, while the walls, virtual and literal, are growing higher for workers and oth…