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WMA Reading Group: Origins of Naturalised Intentionality

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Location: S2.84

We are pleased to welcome you to the WMA reading group, Origins of Naturalised Intentionality. In this reading group, we will go through five highly influential authors who seek to provide the grounds for a scientific account of mental content (the stuff we think about).

The reading is chosen to provide an accessible introduction to the naturalistic approach to mental content. We hope to have a relatively relaxed discussion of the (sometimes controversial) ideas on offer!

We will meet in S2.84 on Mondays of even weeks (starting 29/04/24) at 14:00-15:30. The sessions will be led by Johan Heemskerk. Feel free to reach out to Oscar North-Concar or Johan Heemskerk for any further information.

The group is open to absolutely everyone, so do come along if you are interested!






Fred Dretske

If You Can't Make One, You Don't Know How it WorksLink opens in a new window


Jerry Fodor

Chapter 4 of PsychosemanticsLink opens in a new window


Ruth Millikan

BiosemanticsLink opens in a new window


Karen Neander

Toward an Informational TeleosemanticsLink opens in a new window


Nicholas Shea

Chapter 1 of Representations in Cognitive ScienceLink opens in a new window




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