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Heidegger Reading Group

- and every week until Tue, 25 Jun '24 Export as iCalendar
Location: Online only

Heidegger turns Gadamer in this term: You are warmly invited to join the Heidegger Reading Group where we in this term read Hans-Georg Gadamer’s “Truth and Method” (1960).

Every Monday, 7.15-8.45 pm, online only.

For meeting details and the reading schedule, email

Guided by Haley’s expertise, we will work through the entire book in this term. Gadamer is one of Heidegger's most influential students, not just in philosophy but in the humanities more generally (social thought, medical humanities, law, aesthetics, etc.). By way of outline, Gadamer's text is concerned with defending humanistic truth, and he achieves this by looking at three places this truth shows up in human life: aesthetics, history, and conversation. “Truth and Method” is, then, relevant to those of us concerned with epistemology, aesthetics, history as a philosophical topic (beginning with Kant and Hegel), philosophy of language, and ontology.

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