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Friday, June 21, 2024

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Equality and Diversity Networking Event

A student-staff meeting to share information and ideas about promoting equality and diversity at Warwick Philosophy. Learn about what lies behind our excellent acronyms: MAP (Minorities and Philosophy), BVN (Black Voices Network), the WP Network (Widening Participation), and EWC (Equality and Welfare Committee). For all UG and PG students. Rsvp to Eileen John (

We will be in person in S0.17, but there will be Teams access as well.

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Hegel Reading Group: "The Doctrine of Essence" in the Science of Logic

Hegel Reading Group: "The Doctrine of Essence" in the Science of Logic

Time: 3-5 p.m. Every Friday from Week 2 Summer Term

Location: FAB 4.73 (the first meeting: 3rd May)


Last term, we have almost finished section 1 "Essence as Reflection Within". This term, we will start with a recap and then go further to "complete ground" (11:312) and section 2 "Appearance". [It's absolutely alright if you weren't here last term: )]

Format: We aim to read the text carefully and slowly together during the session, seeing how far we can go each time. Therefore, no specific text is assigned for each meeting, but you are encouraged to familiarise yourself with the text in advance.

This reading group is organised by Ying ( opens in a new window), Bruna ( opens in a new window) and Marco ( opens in a new window). Please get in touch with Ying to register your interest and keep updated.

Everyone is welcome to participate! Feel free to share this information with anyone you think might be interested.

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Marx Reading Group
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Work in Progress (WiP) seminar

**Please note the change of day for this week. This is also the last WiP of term - there is no WiP in Week 10.**

Dear all,

The next postgraduate Work in Progress (WiP) seminar is taking place this Friday 21st June from 5-6:15 PM in S2.77 and on Teams. Chris Hall will present 'Intending, doing and the broadness of the progressive'. Everyone welcome!


Following Anscombe, one purported feature of practical knowledge is that it is non-observational. A challenge for accounts committed to this feature is to explain how we can have non-observational knowledge of both what we intend to be doing and what we are doing, with the latter considered a more perplexing claim. One strategy for meeting this challenge involves appealing to the broadness of the progressive to highlight a strong connection between intending and doing, so that in certain circumstances knowledge of what we intend amounts to knowledge of what we are doing. In this talk I explore this strategy. I identify two distinct directions in which the idea of the broadness of the progressive is taken, and I raise some preliminary challenges for views in both directions.

Teams link: