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Editorial Policy


Editorial Policy

The Colonial Hangover Magazine seeks to provide a level platform to allow both academics and students (of all ages) the opportunity to discuss how the legacies of Colonialism have uniquely impacted their lives and work

While we seek to give as much freedom and expression to our writers as possible, in both their format and content, the editorial team asks all contributors to consult and abide by our editorial policies when submitting pieces:

1) As a University of Warwick affiliated magazine, contributors should abide by the 5 'Guiding Principles' outlined by the University.

2) Be Respectful - Discussion of colonial legacies can often evoke understandably sensitive topics. We ask therefore, that contributors write with respect for different communities. This does not mean that an exploration of difficult topics is discouraged or avoided, but rather undertaken with sensitivities in mind.

3) Use of Language - Language has had an often-contentious history in colonial and postcolonial studies. Given the potential for cross-cultural misunderstandings, we request all writers to be sensitive and considerate in their use of language.

4) Accessibility and Length - As the magazine hopes to promote wider dialogue about colonial legacies, we ask contributors to ensure that their work is accessible to all. Further, we envisage a typical submission to be around 500 words in length.

While we aim to be as transparent as possible in our decision-making, how these policies are interpreted and applied remain at the discretion of the editorial team

Contributions should be viewed solely as a reflection of the views or opinions of the named writer(s), not as a reflection of the views or opinions of the Editorial Team, or of that of the Department of Politics and International Studies


How can I become a contributor to the Colonial Hangover Magazine?

If you'd like to write a piece for us, discuss article ideas, or would like to get involved with the project in any other way please email:

If you are proposing a pitch please include a 100-200 word summary and a brief outline of how the piece relates to legacies of empire

Will my piece definitely get published?

While we endeavour to give all an equal access to our platform, and accommodate a variety of formats and views, unfortunately some submissions are not suitable for the magazine. For best chance of selection, please make sure you read and abide by the guidelines listed above.

Please note, if selected some submissions may take several weeks to be published.

Who runs the Colonial Hangover Magazine?

The Colonial Hangover Magazine was launched in early-2020 as part of the 'Colonial Hangover Project', a long-running widening participation project in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick

Each year, the Colonial Hangover Project recruits 2 new final-year 'Research Assistants' to assist in its running

At present, the magazine is run by: Shahnaz Akhter, Daniel Ben-Shaul, Jay Seol

Last Updated: Feb 2020