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Linda Mwita

Do you know true freedom? 

Liberation in its purest form 

As we can praise the progress of technology 

Boast about how far we’ve come 

But the effects of colonialism quake throughout society 

And cannot be undone 

The removal of past shames causing 

Relapses of mistakes. 


Do you know true freedom? 

I speak for myself when I say no 

I dare you to inch closer towards the idols of brass and stone wherever you go 

Noble, brave and glorious they may stand, 

But educate yourself, since the curriculum we have at hand 

Won’t account for the atrocities that got us here 

Those above would rather delude you, so let me make it clear 

As we can only improve by recognizing the wrong done 

Not to knock on the righteous of days past, but the work has barely even begun. 

sutton trust summer school

This piece was authored by Linda Mwita in collaboration with Pauline Makuzulil, Peace Onatoye, Sharron S. Asiedu, and Iona Balkwill as part of the Sutton Trust Summer Schools Programme at the University of Warwick.

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