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The Freedom of the People

The Freedom of the People

The Freedom of the People

Lydia Ameyaw

Multi-culturalism – a mixture of different cultures in one location

A mixture of life, love and identity that people hold with such dedication

A bubble – London is the name

With is bright colours, customs and languages that signify the medley of countries, symbolising change


But let’s come to halt, let us question.

How did this happen, how did this come to be?

Due to different opportunities, money – voluntary will

Or due to the story of a sheltered part of history?


Don’t get me wrong, ethnic minorities are on the rise

Founding different businesses and brands of different size.

But is it because we belong, do we need to prove a point?

That we are on the same level as those who run this joint?


Stories on top stories about cultural inwarding – people don’t feel safe

The illusion of equality grows each day

With abuse, racism, unequal pay – just to name a few

Will there ever be a sense of friendship where we go into battle two by two.


Not alone like now with the irrelevant targeting

By those who voluntarily take the position of “safeguarding”.

Don’t worry ethnic minorities, let’s keep praying for a day that might not come

Living in hope in a bubble that is so unjust


Please don’t think I’m generalising because that something that they do

I’m just stating the truth

Colonial hangover is a bitch, I know

But one day it will go. I hope.

sutton trust summer school

This piece was authored by Lydia Ameyaw in collaboration with Biborlea Batki, Sofia Dacosta, Taina Popoora, Rhianna Prewett and Zaynab Yusuf as part of the Sutton Trust Summer Schools Programme at the University of Warwick.

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