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Activities and Outputs

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Faculti Short Films

I was interviewed on film by Faculti for their podcast series, and I recorded three short films with them on three different elements of my project research. One film was on my British Politics article, 'Brexit, the Left Behind and the Let Down'; one was on my New Political Economy article, 'Crusoe, Friday and the Raced Market Frame of Orthodox Economics Textbooks'; and one was on my Agenda book, The Market. They are all available to view from the Faculti website. I was asked to reflect on why I had chosen to write these pieces in the first place, what their main arguments are, and what in retrospect I consider I have learnt from each of the three research processes.

Further accounts of each of these publications can be found by scrolling to the top of this 'Activities and Outputs' page.

Mon 26 Aug 2019, 15:13 | Tags: Faculti, podcast