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Global Benchmarking Project

not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

– William Bruce Cameron

Global benchmarking in world politics centres on the comparative assessment of actors and institutions in terms of their:

  • quality of conduct

  • quality of design

  • quality of outcomes

The GLOBAL BENCHMARKING PROJECT analyses benchmarking as a transnational practice to monitor, assess, and change performance.

Research themes

1. Country performance

Aim: to investigate the use of benchmarks to judge national performance across an increasingly wide range of policy domains.

2. Track and trace

Aim: to track and explain the growing demand for and supply of benchmarks used for governance and advocacy. View our Database.

3. Global transparency

Aim: to analyse the political dynamics linking changes in transparency norms with global benchmarking.

4. Causal logics

Aim: to establish why some global benchmarks are more powerful than others in shaping political agendas.