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Events Series


SISAW Talks address a wide range of issues in international security. They involve a presentation by renowned guest speakers with a question and answer session and are of interest to academic and non-academic audiences. These key SISAW events are followed by a drinks reception.

BRENT J. STEELE (University of Utah)

Restraint in International Politics

Location: S1.50
Time: 16.30-17.30, Monday 6th June 2022


JELENA SUBOTIC (Georgia State University)

Yellow Star, Red Star: Holocaust Remembrance After Communism
20 May 2019, Cowling Room 5.30pm
* * * Cancelled Due to COVID 19 * * * .


GARRETT W. BROWN (University of Sheffield)
Introducing Jus Ante Bellum:
A Cosmopolitan Alternative to Humanitarian Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect
SISAW Annual Lecture
11 February 2016, R0.12 (Ramphal), 4-5.30pm. About the speaker.

Professor Nick Vaughan-Williams (University of Warwick)
Speakers: Dr André Broome (University of Warwick), Dr Alexandra Homolar (University of Warwick), Dr Caroline Kuzemko, (University of Exeter), Dr Sharifah Sekalana (University of Warwick), Dr Liam Clegg (University of York).
20 January 2016, A0.23 (Social Sciences) 4.00-5.30pm

More Information

CLAUDIA ARADAU (King's College London)
The (Big) Data-Security Assemblage
SISAW Annual Lecture
11 March 2015, A0.23 (Social Sciences), 4-5.30pm. About the speaker.
Roundtable Discussion: FROM HUMAN SECURITY TO R2P
Chair: Dr Juanita Elias (University of Warwick)
Speakers: Dr Sarah Davies (University of Queensland), Dr. Aidan Heir (University of Westminster), Dr Alexandra Homolar (University of Warwick), Dr Elisa Lopez (University of Birmingham)
07 January 2015, S0.19 (Social Sciences), 4-5:30pm.


Research Sessions are interactive lunchtime sessions, which cover a wide array of subject areas that cross (sub)disciplinary divides. They involve a brief presentation by the guest speaker followed by in-depth discussion. A buffet lunch and refreshments are provided.

NICHOLAS HENRY (Deakin University Melbourne)
The Politics of Borders and Migration
Wednesday, 22 June 2016, A0.23 (Social Sciences), 2-4pm. About the speaker.
SHOGO SUZUKI (University of Manchester)

Ontological Security and its Threat to the Democratic Peace: Japan’s 'Korea Threat'
Friday, 30 October 2015, R0.14 (Ramphal), 12-2pm. About the speaker.
MATTHIAS LEESE (University of Tuebingen)
Wednesday, 25 November, A0.23 (Social Sciences), 2-4pm. About the speaker.
RYAN WALTER (University of Queensland)
Rhetoric and Action: Legitimation Constraints
Wednesday, 26 November 2014. About the speaker.