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Linking Experts Together

SISAW is creating a knowledge exchange network that seeks to foster problem-driven interdisciplinary research in international security as an effective way to engage end-users. Its long-term goal is to serve as an easily accessible route to knowledge transfer activities between stakeholders inlcuding policy practitioners, journalists, researchers, and civil society organisations.


Bringing International Security to the Classroom

SISAW seeks to encourage secondary school students to engage in understanding international security, as well as evoking their interest in the social sciences and higher education in general. We welcome student groups to Warwick for a day filled with a mix of sessions including a lecture, an introduction to library research, and a campus tour to give students an idea of a ‘Uni Experience’.

Communicating Journalism

SISAW invites journalists to discuss and reflect upon the implications of the language used to communicate information and how they may benefit from social sciences research into the (im)possibility of neutral communication. We offer free short courses on ‘Framing- and Agenda-Setting Effects’ and related issues as well as small-group discussions on how languague choices affect target audiences.


Engaging the Wider Public

SISAW welcomes opportunities to facilitate public dialogue on the role of speaking international security. We join community fora to discuss reletad current affairs as well as a provide background information. We are particularly keen to promote women's engagement in this area.


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