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Challenging Inequalities: An Indo-European perspective

The project aims to contribute an understanding of inequality as a driver of vulnerability in an international development context.

It is an interdisciplinary collaboration across humanities and social sciences, with participants from India, UK, France and Norway. The project is funded in the UK by the ESRC (EqUIP). The project seeks to integrate cutting edge philosophical work on the salient ethical dimensions of inequality with social scientific approaches, both quantitative and qualitative, to measuring and addressing inequality. It examines inequality from three different perspectives. First, the project addresses how inequality should be defined and measured. Second, the project looks at attitudes to inequality and inequality-reducing policies. Third, the project investigates the experience of inequality and looks at the effects of inequality on livelihoods and policy interventions.

Click here for the project report. 

REMEDYING INJUSTICE IN INDIGENOUS CLIMATE ADAPTATION PLANNING: Climate ethics, inequality, and Indigenous knowledge