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Big Data and AI

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Data collection obtained from devices and services such as email, internet searches, online shopping, social media, and CCTV can deliver great benefits, but also raise a number of ethical concerns.

  • Consent and autonomy - Consent is authorised by a set of ‘terms and conditions’ that the individual may not have fully read or understood.
  • Privacy and surveillance - Data fusion techniques have the potential to re-identify the people connected with anonymous data.
  • Data protection - Large data-sets can be hard to manage, which makes them attractive targets for hackers.
  • Reliability, false positives, and bias - Big data analysis has the potential to unjustly disadvantage individuals.
  • Intelligibility of algorithms - Ethical differences between matching and predictive algorithms

    Ana Gross, from The University of Warwick, talks about big data and the economy.