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We examine the values that ground democracy and consider what sort of innovations would improve democratic functioning. We have particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Democracy and Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Democracy
  • Participatory Democracy
  • Deliberative Democracy
  • Emotions and motivation in Democracy
  • Democracy in the context of Climate Change
Current projects

Knowledge Technologies for Democracy

AI and big data are fundamentally interwoven into our societies, culture and conceptions of democratic governance and exchange. They pose risks to our democracies at the same time as they have the potential to enhance it. KT4D will explore how these technologies can foster more inclusive civic participation in democracy, and how AI and big data can facilitate new democratic innovations and enrich democratic deliberation. To achieve this, we will develop and validate tools, guidelines and a Digital Democracy Lab demonstrators platform. These results will be validated across three user needs scenarios: 1) building capacity for citizens and citizen-facing Civil Society Organisations; 2) creating regulatory tools and services for Policy and CSOs; and 3) improving awareness of how to design ethical and democratic principles in academic and industrial software development. The project is funded by Horizon Europe. The Warwick lead is Prof. Keith Hyams.

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