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Project-Linked Book Series


Benjamin CohenIn collaboration with Professor Benjamin J. Cohen from the University of California, Santa Barbara, I edit the Handbooks of Research on International Political Economy Series for Edward Elgar. The objective of the series is to deliver Handbooks that offer comprehensive overviews of the very latest research within the key areas of my specialist political science sub-field of International Political Economy. The ultimate goal is to produce high quality works of lasting significance, acting both as an assessment of where the cutting edge of the field is positioned today and as a precursor of scholarly trends of the future. The Handbooks have a wide geographical reach both in the individual title editors and the contributors that they have been encouraged to invite to participate in the venture. This ensures that for the first time ever a series has been devised to showcase the breadth of scholarship being undertaken in International Political Economy globally.

Individual titles already published in the series are the Handbooks of Research on the International Political Economy of Governance; Monetary Relations; Trade; Production; Agriculture and Food; and Migration.

Elgar GovernanceElgar Monetary RelationsElgar TradeElgar ProductionElgar Agriculture and FoodElgar Migration


David CoatesIn collaboration with Professor David Coates from Wake Forest University, North Carolina, I edit a series with Agenda Publishing called Building Progressive Alternatives. This is such a new series that, as of now, we have neither titles published nor books commissioned. However, along with our commissioning editor at Agenda, Alison Howson, both David and I are committed to making the series work, and further information will be posted here in due course as we move to the next stage in the process. We have an Editorial Advisory Board already in place and have begun discussions with various networks of scholars in the hope that we might be able to sign up the right titles to the series. Unfortunately, moreover, the need for a series of this nature is not going to go away anytime soon.

Series Blurb: "Building Progressive Alternatives is a research-based series initiated to create a body of knowledge that will enable us to return advanced capitalist economies to full employment and sustainable growth, and to challenge the dominance of conservative, predominantly neoliberal, paradigms of economic and social thought. There is an urgent need to create economies that service the genuine needs of everyone involved in them and to put behind us an era of austerity dogma, stagnant growth, job insecurity, threatened living standards and growing inequality. The volumes to be commissioned will respond to that need by working cumulatively to facilitate a practical economics and help build a functioning economy for a better society. The Series provides a space for high-quality academic work by economists, political economists and other social scientists united in a common mission: to use their scholarship to create a coherent, credible and progressive economic growth strategy (and an associated set of wider public policies) that together can inspire and underpin the revival of a successful progressive alternative in advanced capitalist societies."