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melissandre varin

extraction of knowledge

I don't know what to say


I don't know how to


a note from my bed


fugitive speculative dreams



Relation, displacement, multiplicity, identity, interdependency, and language emerge from melissandre’s work. Making from an Afro and Caribbean diasporic context, melissandre adds layers of complexity using a situated Black feminism. Through poetic performance arts, moving image assemblages, and site-specific installations - among other things - melissandre interrogates how the encounter between bodies that have been marginalised, everyday materials, and institutional spaces transgresses normativity.

Commissioned nationally and internationally, melissandre co-parent 2 year old Eole. They currently work on B.O.O.K a healing (art,library, rest) station supported by Coventry Biennial, co-organises transnational afro-feminist performances, curates Open Call part of Studies in Theatre and Performance, and is an artist-resident and advisory board member at Coventry Artspace.

Check out melissandre's "Funeral of Normativity", created during the lockdown and engaging with the urban landscape of Coventry.

IG: @vmelissandre