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Programme of Events 2021-22

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Tue 12 Oct, '21
CRPLA Seminar: Marion Thain (KCL), 'Attention Studies and Close Reading'
Tue 26 Oct, '21
CRPLA Seminar: Michael Räber (UCLA/Zurich), ‘Democratic Visibility: The import of Cavell’s aesthetics of film to a political philosophy of visibility’
Tue 23 Nov, '21
CRPLA Seminar: James MacDowell (Warwick): 'YouTube Aesthetics and "YouTube Art"’ (on Zoom)
Tue 18 Jan, '22
CRPLA Seminar: Amy De'Ath (KCL), 'Hidden Abodes and Inner Bonds: Literary Study and Marxist-Feminism'
Tue 1 Feb, '22
CRPLA Seminar: Daniel Abrahams (Glasgow), 'Taming the culture war: A theory of why people fight over humour'
Tue 1 Mar, '22
CRPLA Seminar: Victoria Rimell (Warwick), 'Niobe, trauma, survival'
Tue 15 Mar, '22
CRPLA Book Symposium on A Different Order of Difficulty: Literature after Wittgenstein, by Karen Zumhagen-Yekplé


Tue 3 May, '22
CRPLA Symposium: Celebrating Ansell-Pearson, Beistegui, and Poellner

CRPLA will celebrate the Warwick careers of our long-time Philosophy colleagues, Professor Keith Ansell-Pearson, Professor Miguel Beistegui and Professor Peter Poellner, by enjoying talks from all three, followed by discussion and - if conditions allow - a reception.